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How To Install A Mini Spool In A Gm 10 Bolt Fixed

- Our GM 8.5" 10 Bolt Mini Spool fits early model GM 8.5" 10 Bolt front and rear ends. You can choose between 28 or 30 spline applications above. This mini spool replaces the spider gears inside your stock open style carrier. After assembly, power will be distributed to both tires 100% of the time, giving you a true locking/locked differential. This mini spool only fits open style carriers, not positraction carriers, and does not fit 1999-Up GM 8.6" applications. Check out our GM 8.6" conversion kit which includes a new carrier, mini spool, cross shaft, and cross pin!

How To Install A Mini Spool In A Gm 10 Bolt

About How much power can a 10 bolt with a mini spool handle? I am putting about 450 hp to the rear wheels at this time. Do I need to worry about this rear-end or should I upgrade to a 12 bolt with a full spool?

I have a 1966 chevy 11 4 door with a 10 bolt rear differential but not sure what size 8.2 or 8.5 and need it is a one wheel turner not sure of the gear ratio and if I put I mini spool I. It will it handle 450 horses 350c69d7ab



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